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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your full name?
My name is Kang Li Loong Calvin, I have friends calling me "CAL" or "KANG" or most often "FRAPPECAL" (My social media handle) 

When did you start blogging? 
I started blogging at the start of 2015 as I wanted to document my journey in Athletics as an athlete pursuing my dreams. In this blog, I aim to include episodes about my life, my goals and moments I cherish. This will be cal's life-book for my future self to look back.  

What do you like about sprinting? 
I love the freedom when I sprint, there is no speed limit! I like how the wind rushes through your face (the feeling like you are in a roller coaster) I love competition as well and to constantly push my boundaries 

Why entrepreneurship as your career?
I have had close mentor and friends that have pursued their careers in entrepreneurship with the main goal of constantly innovating, providing new opportunities for themselves and to build a lasting legacy. You can do that in a corporate job but the excitement is on starting from nothing into building a sustainable business over time. That same push I have in Athletics, I want to transfer it into my entrepreneur endeavours. 

What are your life goals and purpose? 
Well, to begin, I am a believer in chasing my dreams and working hard towards excellence. Talent is important but more importantly; hard work, sacrifice and a lot of prayers. My life goal is to be able to make a living out of my passions and to give back to the needy (homeless, helpless) I got to be teaching, reaching, constantly sharing, caring building upon love as my purpose. I am a christian and I do hang on to the principles of "Loving others as thy self" - Matthew 22:39

What camera do you use to take your pictures?
Mostly, i use my iPhone 6+ camera, I do take with my full frame Canon 5DMII 

What apps do you use for editing? Which effect?
I like the fade filter in the iPhone, I would usually edit it on the normal phone adjustable settings. 

How do you customise your content in your website?
I have 3 main categories that I use (dreamer, athlete, entrepreneur) Any articles relating to the casual experience, moments in my life I will categorise it under "dreamer". For the fitness, technical and training tips, it goes into "athlete" category. For my startup journey,  it will be showcased in "entrepreneurship" 

Do you include advertising on your Instagram or Website?
Yes, I do accept advertorials on my Instagram or Blog but not for content that include racism, nudity, controversy, I do advocate harmony, togetherness #oneteamsg and definitely seek to portray authenticity in my engagements. Drop me an e-mail : contact@imcalvinkang.com for any collaboration or proposals you have!